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Nuance Whitepaper Details How Managed Print Services Create More Efficient Workflows and Eliminate Wasteful Printing

Nuance MPS Software Addresses Key Print Management and Business Workflow Challenge

BURLINGTON, Mass., – February 26, 2013 – Managed Print Services (MPS) are increasingly being adopted by organizations looking to enhance how they manage printing and imaging resources. To date, most MPS strategies focused too narrowly on reducing cost per printed page, and not enough on end-user needs. Increasingly, organizations must shift their MPS solutions to achieve the strategic goals of digitizing more business processes and automating workflows that stubbornly remain paper based. To learn more on how to create an MPS strategy to drive productivity gains and improve business processes, please review the white paper, “Managing Print as a Strategic Asset for Your Organization.”

To move beyond just consumable-based cost savings, organizations look to add complementary capabilities – such as print management, document scanning and electronic document workflow software – to their core hardware-based MPS services. Nuance MPS software enables organizations to address the fundamental end-user problems with office documents, such as data security vulnerability, governance risks and inefficient workflows that result in lower worker productivity.

“Ultimately, the goal of any managed print engagement should be to drive worker productivity by creating the most efficient and effective document workflow environment,” said Michael Rich, senior vice president and general manager of the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “Nuance MPS software enables companies to convert their printing environment into a source of productivity improvement, making MPS deployments more valuable to their organizations.”

Including MPS software in their offerings will better position print and imaging vendors and their customers to achieve the full potential of MPS initiatives. Industry researcher Photizo Group sees the worldwide MPS market having a 20 percent CAGR (2010-15) and forecasts the market to reach $78 billion in 2015.

Download the white paper, “Managing Print as a Strategic Asset for Your Organization” at

Software that works in multi-branded multifunction printer (MFP) environments is an indispensable component of any successful MPS engagement. Only software can provide insight into how users interact with their MFP resources and give organizations the ability to influence user behavior in document input- and output-related tasks. MPS software needs to equip organizations to address key business challenges including:

Runaway Printing Costs. Organizations are looking to gain control over their print environment equipment, consumables, replenishment, repair and IT operating costs. MPS software provides activity tracking and analysis capabilities for all printing, photocopying, faxing and scanning to identify improvement areas and cost savings. It can deliver results that include improving placement of devices to avoid print and scan backlogs, and rerouting print jobs that don’t require the highest quality output to lower cost devices.

Network and Data Security Vulnerabilities. With company confidential information moving through workflows every day, organizations need to establish a chain of custody for every document. MPS software can ensure the security of every print, copy and scan job. For example, it can hold documents in a secure server until users authenticate at the MFP so documents are never left unattended in an output tray. MPS software also authenticates user access at MFPs during scanning to enforce network authentication and permissions when individuals connect to business applications.

Tackle Information Governance Risks. Effectively managing the lifecycle of documents across the enterprise is essential in managing records management and statutory compliance risks. MPS software can help organizations be sure personnel adhere to company policies regarding the retention, destruction and distribution of information. The software also provides activity tracking to create a useful audit trail of which people and documents were involved in scanning and printing.

Address Business Continuity. Organizations cannot risk that a business disruption – ranging from equipment failures and user error to devastating superstorms – will result in valuable information assets being permanently lost. MPS software ensures that document capture processes conform to corporate data protection policies so information is backed up and recoverable in the event of an outage. These policies need to cover scanned documents both at the server and desktop levels to mitigate business risk.

Stop Counterproductive Workflows. A key part of any MPS strategy needs to be analyzing office and departmental workflows to identify where automation can streamline processes and optimize productivity. Scanning provides an on-ramp for adding paper-based information directly into business applications. It creates searchable digital files which eliminate the labor required when users hunt for information manually – office workers on average spend 16 percent of their time searching for information. While print management capabilities improves workflows such as preventing abuse of high cost-per-page devices by redirecting documents to the most cost-effective output system.

The Nuance MPS software portfolio includes Equitrac print management and cost recovery software, Nuance eCopy ShareScan scanning and workflow solutions, and Nuance OmniPage, PaperPort, PDF Converter Professional and eCopy PDF Pro Office desktop applications.

Nuance MPS software boosts personal productivity, increases departmental efficiency and streamlines enterprise workflows. It delivers an end-to-end solution that supports workflows from MFPs to desktop and mobile devices to the cloud.

Nuance has global channel partnerships with nearly every MFP and scanning vendor, including Brother, Canon/Océ, Fuji Xerox, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh/IKON, Visioneer and Xerox – each of which currently sells or bundles Nuance solutions through dealers or as part of MPS portfolios.

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