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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Webinars

Dragon Webinars

Below you will find a list of on demand webinars for your viewing pleasure.

On Demand Webinars

Law Enforcement/Public Safety - The Best Weapon in the Fight Against Paperwork
Over the years, documentation requirements have increased, but the need for timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy hasn’t changed. Learn how Dragon brings the power of automation to creating reports, emails, and more. Whether at the desk or on the road, officers, detectives, EMTs and other public safety professionals can use simple voice commands to complete license plate look-up, speed through hazardous material research, and even expedite patient care reports.

Insurance - Save Time, Money, & Stress in Claims Processing
Claims professionals typically spend 40-50% of their day creating documents — an administrative burden that slows response to customer claims. What if adjusters could complete more detailed and accurate claims reports in a fraction of the time it takes to type them? Speech recognition makes it possible. Learn how to leverage speech recognition software to increase productivity, handle more calls and claims per hour and improve documentation accuracy.

Social & Health Services - Reducing Paperwork Time with Speech Recognition
Learn how Youth Villages is using Dragon to cut document completion time and improve report quality. As social services agencies strive to retain dedicated staff and better serve clients in need, they are rethinking the way they handle documentation. Speech recognition can reduce the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork – from session and contact notes to assessments and treatment plans. View the webinar to find out more.

Financial Services - A Smart Investment for Compliance and Productivity
Learn how Dragon can help financial service organizations streamline documentation to meet compliance requirements and minimize risk of litigation. More and more speech recognition is being leveraged to reduce the time it takes to document client interactions in client relationship management (CRM) systems, to improve the detail and accuracy of meeting notes,  as well as create client communications, agreements, plans, and newsletters.

Education - Dragon Speech Recognition for Education
In this webinar, you'll learn how Dragon speech recognition software is used by students of all abilities to improve core reading and writing skills, to reduce the stress and pressure associated with homework and reports, and to help achieve their full potential. View the webinar to learn more.

Law Firms Dragon Speech Recognition for Law Firms
The time and cost involved in documenting case and client information, contracts, briefs and other legal materials is stag­gering. Imagine detailed briefs and contracts created entirely by voice in a fraction of the time. Consider the efficiencies gained by using support staff to proofread documents instead of keying them in from scratch. This webinar outlines how law firms and legal departments can deploy speech recognition to speed document turnaround, reduce transcrip­tion costs, and streamline repetitive workflows – without having to change current business processes or existing informa­tion systems.

Improve Productivity & Reduce Injuries - Dragon Speech Recognition to Improve Productivity & Reduce Injuries
Repetitive Stress Injuries cause an average of 31 missed work days per employee. But Intel Corporation has implemented and expanded the use of speech recognition technology programs over the past 10 years to prevent repetitive stress injuries. Initial data revealed a greater than 60% reduction in keystrokes and mouse use, leading to greater productivity, reductions in re-injury, and a solution for return to work cases. During this webinar, Brian Pruitt, Information Technology Program Manager for Intel, shares his lessons learned while implementing and deploying speech recognition technology at Intel. He demonstrates how speech recognition technology can help organizations reduce computer-use related injuries, assist in the return to work process, and boost worker productivity.

Federal Government - Changing the Way Government Works with Speech Recognition Solutions
Whether you are in the office or on the battlefield, voice-enabled systems can aid in delivering critical documentation. Dragon speech recognition solutions enable users to create Situational Reports quickly and accurately, manage workloads efficiently, and initiate Command and Control applications completely by voice. Utilizing speech recognition solutions Federal Agencies can enable voice-embedded solutions for C2, Simulation, Surveillance, and Intelligence collection as well as compile with Federal EEOC mandates in addressing accessibility requirements. Dragon Professional is also recognized as a Section 508 Accessibility Compliant product by the DoD CAP office and is available via GSA schedule, SEWP, CHESS, NMCI, and other Federal purchasing vehicles. With this webinar, you’ll gain practical advice for leveraging speech recognition not only as an individual but across the entire organization.

Dragon Software Developers Kit - Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK Webinar
Looking to quickly and easily create speech-aware applications? Trying to integrate cutting-edge speech recognition into your dictation and transcription workflow systems? This webinar provides details about the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software developer kit (SDK), used today by developers and integrators around the globe to add speech recognition capabilities into in-house and commercial applications or workflow applications. The technical experts behind the Dragon SDK provide a complete overview of the Dragon SDK portfolio, outline features and benefits, and answer common developer questions. 



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