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Improve financial service

Financial service professionals need to keep up with high documentation
demands, while also managing client service and compliance.
Streamline financial service documentation—by voice—and
improve overall efficiency and costs.

Watch the Dragon financial services webinar
In this webinar we’ll show you how to financial service professionals can improve overall documentation efficiency using speech recognition, and create detailed financial documents—all by voice - all while keeping satisfied customers, ensuring compliance and reducing costs. Fill out the form below to gain access.

A smart investment for compliance and documentation productivity

Documentation that makes business sense. Streamline financial documentation tasks to improve overall compliance, efficiency and service.

Maximize on-the-go productivity. Get paperwork done anywhere with the new professional-grade dictation app, Dragon Anywhere. Dictate and edit documents by voice on your mobile device.

Speed thru documentation. Complete documents faster than ever by voice. Dragon is 3X faster than typing and up to 99% accurate right out-of-the-box.

Streamline transcription needs. Dictate notes or reports into a digital voice recorder while information is still fresh in your mind. Dragon will transcribe the audio files into text—instantly—when you connect to your desktop computer.

Boost efficiency with customization. Customize words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms, or personal preference you use every day.

Easy deployment for business. Flexible volume license programs and central user administration make it easy to deploy and manage Dragon across your business.

Deploy Dragon across
your business

Talk to us about streamlining documentation processes within your business with Dragon speech recognition.

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