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Manage casework documentation
— all by voice

Case management requires heavy documentation and regulatory
compliance. What if there was a faster, more efficient way to
improve your organization’s paperwork requirements?

Watch the Dragon Social Services webinar
In this webinar we’ll show you how to document everything from case notes and police reports, to field reports and email, faster and in more detail—all by voice—and save up to 50% of your time. Fill out the form below to gain access.

Empower social service professionals to improve documentation and

An easier way to complete case information. With Dragon,
caseworkers can increase efficiency and speed up data entry within
SACWIS systems by turning their voice into text 3 times faster than typing.

Improve the immediacy and accuracy of reports. Documentation is
critical not only for compliance purposes, but also for facilitating
transfers and research. Replace the frustrating process of typing with
the ability to create reports by voice leads to more complete, detailed
and consistent case documentation.

Deliver greater productivity. Dragon can help caseworkers better
manage workloads and assist with the increasing demand for

Manage communication more effectively. Like most professionals,
caseworkers are bombarded with email every day. By enabling them to
compose, send, and manager email entirely by voice, Dragon delivers
productivity gains so caseworkers can get more done in any given workday.

Increase job satisfaction. Emerging tools, such as Dragon, can help
agencies to better support caseworkers, increase speeds of service
delivery, and improve worker satisfaction thereby retaining qualified

Deploy Dragon across your
entire agency

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