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Mobile employees - or anyone on-the-go - can turn notes captured with a digital voice recorder, voice memos from a smartphone and other voice files into text with Dragon’s quick and easy transcription feature.

Capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere

Dragon goes where you go. The best and brightest ideas are often lost when they’re not quickly captured in writing. Using a digital voice recorder and Dragon, you can capture it all - even on-the-go.

Speak your notes, memos and more. Capture voice memos on your smartphone. Transform podcasts or the voice of a single speaker into written words. Dragon works the way you work.

Easily transform your voice files into text.Transfer your single speaker recorded audio files to your PC or Mac to generate a written transcript using Dragon speech recognition. It's as easy as record, transfer and transcribe.

Transcribing with Dragon

It’s easy to transcribe your own recorded speech into text using Dragon speech recognition. Simply establish a user profile for a digital voice recorder or the free Dragon Recorder app. Speak your notes or record your memos, and have Dragon transcribe your recorded voice quickly and easily when you connect back to your PC or Mac.

Dragon is not designed for use with multiple speakers or to transcribe lectures. The software does support the voice writing transcription technique, where the transcriptionist repeats or "parrots" audio from other speakers.

Using “voice writing” or “parroting” for lecture and interview transcription

Since Dragon NaturallySpeaking will only recognize the voice of the trained speaker – namely, you, it is not designed for use with multiple speakers. Thousands of Dragon customers still successfully use the software to transcribe interviews or lectures using a basic technique called "voice writing" or "parroting."

With the introduction of Dragon Dictate for Mac version 4, Mac users can transcribe an audio file of any single speaker’s voice so it can be used in an interview setting of one single speaker. For lectures the “voice writing” or parroting” technique is still required.

  • Record a lecture using a digital recorder or mobile device and download the electronic recording to your PC or Mac.
  • Listen to the recording through the headphones of your Dragon headset and activate your Dragon microphone and repeat the recorded text as you hear it.
  • Speaking the text aloud in your own voice enables Dragon to accurately transcribe the audio using the Dragon profile tuned to your voice.
  • Dragon turns your voice into text as quickly as you can speak the words – so there’s no need to constantly rewind the audio while you try to type out the corresponding text.

Transcription solutions for business

Thousands of businesses use Dragon speech recognition as a transcription solution for single voice recordings to reduce transcription costs and increase productivity.

Using Dragon Professional Edition and Dragon Legal Edition transcription capabilities, business users no longer need to transcribe from scratch and can turn recorded audio files into a transcribed document instantly.

Demos videos

Transcription how-to

This step-by-step demo highlights details from adding a new input source to your existing profile, best practices for voice recordings, to transcribing your voice recording using Dragon.

Dragon Recorder app

Enjoy the freedom of dictating anytime, anywhere, capturing high-quality audio files using a device you already own - your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (4th gen) as a handheld recorder.

Don't have Dragon?

Buy it now to use as a transcription solution

Dragon Premium Edition


Dragon 13 Premium

Improve productivity with powerful new features that enable you to accurately create documents, spreadsheets, and more.

  • Capture notes on the go using a Nuance-approved digital recorder.
  • Go hands-free and headset free with more microphone options including those built into many laptops or go wireless with a Bluetooth headset
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Dragon Dictate


Dragon Dictate for Mac

Dictate, edit, transcribe and control your Mac — quickly and accurately — all by using your voice.

  • Flexible voice commands let you get things done quickly.
  • Create and edit documents, manage email, surf the Web, update your social status, and more.
  • Full transcription capabilities to easily transcribe your voice memos into text.
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Dragon Professional

Starting at

Dragon 13 Professional

For business professionals who want to work effortlessly to complete reoccurring tasks, and control their PC by voice.

  • Work faster and smarter to create documents, spreadsheets and more.
  • Save time on recurring tasks and create command shortcuts.
  • Section 508 certified to meet government-mandated accessibility requirements.
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Dragon Legal

Starting at

Dragon 13 Legal

Increase productivity while decreasing the time and costs involved in creating legal materials.

  • Macros automate and streamline repetitive manual processes.
  • Transcribe one or multiple recordings into multiple text files for easy review and correction.
  • Create and export custom words to share and use with other user profiles.

System requirements

With Dragon Premium Edition and above, you can recognize .wav, .wma, .dss, ds2 and .mp3 files.

With Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4, you can recognize .mp3 audio files. Other supported formats include: .aif, .aiff , .wav, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v.


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