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Dragon Anywhere Feature Tip: Evernote sync - Sync with Evernote and access notes everywhere

Dragon Anywhere Feature Tip: Evernote sync - Sync with Evernote and access notes everywhere

Marrying the ability for real-time, long-form note taking with immediate access to content is what mobility is all about. Dragon Anywhere iOS users can now access their content across all devices everywhere they access Evernote.

By Mark Jackson

June 21, 2016

With its portability and ability to capture data in real-time, it’s no wonder that mobility solutions are becoming a mainstay across a wide range of industries and will continue to drive today’s work culture.
Productivity apps such as note-taking solutions like Evernote, are earning top ranking for having the greatest impact on productivity. With its multi-platform and cloud-management support, Evernote frees users from the confines of an office and enhances collaboration and productivity no matter where they work.
The ability to create content anywhere and then access it from everywhere is a powerful combination. Now that Evernote is integral to the Dragon Anywhere iOS platform (and is coming soon to Android); you can synchronize notes and documents of any length between your Dragon Anywhere and Evernote accounts and have your work readily available wherever and whenever you need it. See how to:
Link Dragon Anywhere and Evernote accounts to create a Dragon Anywhere notebook
Powerful synchronization makes it easy to create documents and save them to your Dragon Anywhere notebook
Copy notes from existing notebooks into the Dragon Anywhere notebook
Quickly import notes from Evernote into Dragon Anywhere and continue your work anywhere
Access your content across all your devices running Dragon Anywhere and everywhere you access Evernote
Solutions that allow both creation and access to content in the cloud and across any platform will greatly benefit professionals who seek the freedom and flexibility that mobility brings.
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