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Read the latest articles featuring tips and tutorials to learn how you can use Dragon Anywhere professional-grade mobile dictation for iOS and Android to improve productivity—no matter where work takes you.

Feature Tip: Dragon Anywhere and Evernote Sync

Marrying the ability for real-time, long-form note taking with immediate access to content is what mobility is all about. Dragon Anywhere iOS users can now access their content across all devices everywhere they access Evernote.

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When pen to paper turns to words to text

Creativity oftentimes comes at unexpected times, and thoughts captured in the moment can prove inspirational. Like professionals in various industries, writers too are embracing mobility solutions to capture their thoughts in real-time to get work done. So it’s no wonder that many are using Dragon Anywhere, our professional-grade mobile dictation solution for long-form writing.

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When paperwork isn’t a 9 to 5 job: Mobile solutions improve documentation productivity for busy professionals on the go

For today’s professionals, the traditional 40-hour work week has become a thing of the past. And for mobile professionals in particular, who face the challenge of balancing paperwork demands with their overall workload, the work week oftentimes extends beyond 9 to 5.

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Feature Tip: Custom Words: Customize your vocabulary for improved recognition

Like Dragon for the desktop, Dragon Anywhere lets you customize its vocabulary with unique words specific to your work or clients that you use every day. By expanding Dragon's vocabulary with these terms, you'll not only improve recognition accuracy but the speed with which you dictate documents. Learn how.

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Making the case: Mobile productivity solutions can streamline legal documentation

Speech recognition has become a widely-adopted productivity tool in the legal industry, and more and more legal professionals are looking for mobility solutions. Read how legal professionals can streamline legal documentation, even when client work takes them away from the office.

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Feature Tip: Form Factor: Creating custom form templates to speed input

For professionals who work in the field, reporting demands are a large component of the job. What if there were an easier way to complete reports in real time, capturing the detail and specificity required for your job? Using Dragon Anywhere's form filling feature, it's easy to do. Learn how.

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No Thought Left Behind: The power of real-time note-taking

In jobs like public safety, social services, legal to insurance, the ability to capture notes in the field is oftentimes critical to success. Read how many professionals are using Dragon Anywhere as a robust note-taking solution so that they never miss a thought while working in the field.

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Feature Tip: Access, Manage and Share Documents with Ease

With workplace mobility trending upward, many professionals are looking for ways to manage documents on the go using their mobile devices. Now with mobile productivity solutions like Dragon Anywhere, it's easy to manage and share documents across devices.

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Paperwork vs. public safety: Giving police more time to protect and serve

Mobile productivity is a concept we traditionally associate with the business world, but its benefits extend to other fields including public safety. For these dedicated professionals who are trained to protect and serve their communities, growing paperwork demands take time away from “real” police work.

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Feature Tip: Auto-Texts - Save time by inserting standardized content by voice

When documentation is a big part of your job, cutting out wasteful steps can go a long way toward maximizing productivity without compromising quality or accuracy. Dragon Anywhere's Auto-texts is one of the solutions most powerful features. Using simple voice commands, you can short-cut repetitive steps, like inserting your signature or standard boilerplate information. Learn how.

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Adopting the right mobile tools can make work-life balance a more achievable goal

Constant connectivity has created an expectation that professionals are always available to contribute, share and collaborate via mobile—even long after business hours have ended. While mobile technology is a powerful way to stay connected, how can we capitalize on it to put an early end to our business day?

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A remedy for caseworker burnout: Real-time dictation speeds reporting in the field

Today’s caseworkers are drowning in paperwork. Heavy caseloads force them to spend long hours filling out forms and typing up reports to help their clients get the assistance and services they need—oftentimes after hours. Many are seeking solutions to document casework more efficiently while in the field.

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