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Systems Integration &
Nuance Delivery System

Connect Your Customer Service Technologies into a Single End-to-End Solution and Experience

Nuance has 20+ years of experience developing enterprise-level Speech Recognition, Multi-Channel, IVR, Natural Language Call Steering, Voice Biometrics, CTI, and Agent Desktop solutions that integrate a full range of back-end and legacy systems with multiple applications. Leveraging this proven expertise, we’ll work with your existing infrastructure so you can be sure your customers are getting the experience they expect and deserve. With Nuance as your systems integrator, your organization can eliminate the frustrating complexities associated with multi-vendor contact center solutions to significantly enhance the customer care experience.

Why Nuance for Your Systems Integration? 

  • Established partnership with premier technology companies
  • Experience integrating contact center technologies and back-end systems
  • Proven Nuance Delivery System expertise

Partnerships with Premier Technology Companies

Nuance works hand in hand with leading technology vendors, including our strategic partners Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and IBM, to develop turnkey solutions that incorporate their leading-edge technologies, networking, and communications platforms. Our reusable assets — developed over thousands of successful projects —accelerate integration with other systems for faster solution delivery.

Experience Integrating Contact Center Technologies and Systems

  • PBX / VoIP / SIP
  • Telephone network switches / ACD
  • Web application servers
  • Back-end management systems
  • CRM systems
  • IVR
  • CTI/Agent desktop
  • Mobile applications
  • Natural Language Speech Recognition / Text to Speech
  • Voice Biometrics

Nuance Delivery System

At Nuance, we understand your commitment to high-quality, differentiated customer care. That’s why our Professional Services team relies on the Nuance Delivery System to plan, design, develop, deploy, and optimize your customer interaction solutions. The Nuance Delivery System is a collection of components designed to increase efficiency and quality at every phase of the project lifecycle, resulting in solutions that deliver an exceptional customer experience and lower total cost of ownership. Components include:

  • Proven best practices based on 20+ years of experience
  • Tools and frameworks optimized for enterprise-level deployment needs
  • Consistent processes and documentation for requirements traceability and quality assurance

Nuance PRO: Our established, unified process for designing and developing contact center customer care solutions that focuses on ensuring consistent quality of deliverables that exceed your expectations and maximize your return on investment.

Nuance Design Framework: A unique combination of processes and assets used to automate and streamline call flow design, allowing our UI designers to sketch early ideas, share prototypes with your team, and fill in details iteratively over time, for accelerated development and optimized applications. 

Nuance Development Framework: Our system that accelerates development and testing of your contact center solution by automating most of the code creation — allowing us to spend less time manually coding and more time on quality assurance (QA) — to produce consistent, high-quality applications.

Nuance Reporting Framework: Our standardized reporting and business analytics solution that provides comprehensive insight into the end-to-end caller experience, enabling you to identify opportunities for system performance and enhancing customer interactions.

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