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Inbound Customer
Service Solutions

Customer-Preferred Self-Service

Our Inbound solutions let you quickly route callers, securely verify their identities and offer intuitive speech or touchtone self-service to complete their tasks – resulting in efficient and personalized service experiences. If callers need more help, we’ll prepare your agents to greet them by name and provide intelligent assistance.

Self-service Automation SelfServiceAutomation Thumb

Each year, our award-winning, field-proven speech and touch-tone automation solutions field more than 11 billion calls at over 3,000 customer sites around the world. We can help you deliver personalized service experiences, reduce costs, increase automation and IVR containment rates, drive revenue and make your contact center agents more efficient and effective.

Natural Language/Call Steering CallSteering Thumb

Transferring mis-routed callers costs time and frustrates customers. Our speech-enabled call routing solutions automate both simple and complex transactions and let your callers describe their needs in their own words instead of wandering through menu mazes. We then use natural language to route callers to the right self-service application or live agent in one step.

Voice Authentication Solutions VoiceAuthentication Thumb

Sometimes your callers may have sensitive self-service transactions that require more security. Our voice authentication solutions reduce fraud and safeguard customer privacy using highly secure voice biometrics and multi-factor authentication techniques to verify the identity of your inbound callers. 

CTI/Agent Desktop Solutions CTIAgentDesktop Thumb

Our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Agent Desktop services give your agents the data they need to deliver a great customer experience. They also help you reduce operational costs, drive revenue and improve contact center agent productivity.

Small Business Speech Automation Solutions

The Nuance Loquendo Small Business Bundle (SB Bundle) is a solution comprised of Loquendo Text To Speech (TTS) and Loquendo Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), which addresses the needs and goals of small sized businesses with basic self-service requirements and 100 ports or less of IVR.

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