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Modular, secure, and simplified print solutions

SafeCom Smart Printing™ offers a modular approach to control and optimize imaging and printing environments. Organizations all over the world are cutting costs, increasing efficiency, boosting security, reducing waste, and protecting the environment. SafeCom works with all types of printers and MFP devices - in small offices and large enterprises.

Secure Pull Print, with access control and full encryption, enables document accounting, print policies and cost recovery. Industry-leading ease of deployment and modularity ensures that components are configured to meet customer requirements.

Benefits of SafeCom Smart Printing:

SafeCom Solutions

Reduce costs and waste

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Take control, stop wasting and start saving. Achieve 40% savings on your print budget.

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Consolidate infrastructure

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Eliminate the need for personal printers, reduce the number of print servers and remove print data from the network.

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Secure Pull Printing

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User authentication at the device delivers documents into the right hands — any place and every time.

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Allocate and recover print costs

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SafeCom Pay and Client Billing make it easy to manage accounts and recover printing costs.

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