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Nuance's on-demand intelligent speech recognition software turns dictations into formatted draft documents, streamlining enterprise-wide document creation solutions, that incorporate powerful digital dictation and transcription management capabilities, with digital portability, PC access, and Network/Internet distribution of voice and data.


Healthcare Transcription Services

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Nuance Healthcare offers outsourced transcription services:

Nuance Transcription Services, A full-service outsourced solution for clinical documentation including technology and all speech editing, QA, and transcription workflow management.


For more information on Nuance transcription offerings, click here.

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With Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, attorneys and other staff who are already dictating documents for others to transcribe, can continue to do so without having to change their workflow. Instead of transcribing from scratch, the assistant can open a transcript of the audio file, listen to the associated dictation while reading the text on screen, and simply make corrections or edits. 

  • Reduce transcription bottlenecks
  • Streamline document turnaround time
  • Reduce – or eliminate -- outsourced transcription fees


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