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Leave impersonators, fraudsters and identity thieves speechless with Nuance FraudMiner

FraudMiner finds known and unknown fraudsters impersonating legitimate customers and stops criminal activities in the contact center, mobile app and website. Leveraging state-of-the-art biometric technology, in addition to targeted fraud detection techniques, FraudMiner accurately identifies the criminals behind account-takeover attempts enabling the enterprise go from fraud displacement to fraud prosecution.

Stop criminals before they steal

New and repeat career criminals attempt to steal from institutions every day. FraudMiner identifies both known and new fraudsters before they can commit fraud.

Mine your voice data to uncover historical fraud

Uncover the identity and patterns of fraudsters using large-scale, historical search capabilities that flag known fraudsters and uncover new types of fraud.

Leverage our market-leading technology

Nuance, the established market leader in Voice Biometrics, delivers a comprehensive state of the art biometric solution for fraud and authentication that works together seamlessly on a common platform to mitigate direct financial losses.

The benefits

Stop known fraudsters

FraudMiner compares the recorded voice to a blacklist of known fraudsters and alerts the enterprise, in real time, before a crime is committed.

Prevent new fraud

FraudMiner analyzes the call recordings and identifies potential unknown fraud cases like different people calling on the same account, fraudsters using a recording or even impersonating a different gender.

Cross-channel fraud detection

FraudMiner leverages behavioral biometrics to detect fraudsters attempting to compromise an account over the web or mobile app.

Mitigate direct financial losses

Stop known and
unknown fraudsters

FraudMiner prevents known and unknown fraudsters from impersonating legitimate customers and socially engineering call center representatives into changing information.

FraudMiner analyzes incoming calls for over 100 different biometric factors including recorded and altered voices. FraudMiner can also continuously check the user against scores of behavioral biometrics factors to flag fraudsters who may have logged in with a stolen username and password

The system then alerts the fraud team so they can intervene in real time to prevent fraud. Now these known fraudsters will be identified whenever they engage with the organization.

Fraudsters are targeting the enterprise

60% of enterprises have fallen victim to social engineering in 2016
70 percent of call center fraud is perpetrated by the same actors

Go on the offense

Don’t just prevent fraud;
prosecute fraudsters

Almost all fraud prevention tools focus on deflecting the fraud that is coming in only to deflect it again and again. FraudMiner provides the fraud team with tools that not only stops the fraud from happening but provides biometric evidence to support the arrest and prosecution of these individuals.

Increase productivity of the fraud team

Flexible automated tools keeps you on top of the ever changing fraud landscape

FraudMiner’s robust and flexible tools mean smaller teams can address more fraud exposure. FraudMiner’s many automatic tools including gender detection, synthetic speech detection, playback detection and real time key word spotting to find specific sequence of words in the call or recording. These tools, and many more, provide the fraud team with relevant and prioritized alarms, while minimizing false alerts

Learn how FraudMiner can help stop criminals from impersonating your customers.

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