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Speeding recovery, ensuring safety with immediate cross-channel engagement

Nuance Incident Communications is a proven automated notification solution that allows organizations to rapidly respond to a critical incident by engaging their constituents across a wide range of channels.

Proactive, two-way, multi-channel communications

    • Provide relevant and authoritative information during an incident.
    • Rapidly respond to changing circumstances, over preferred channels, across regional, national and global geographies.
    • Rapidly survey and gather responses to assess the situation.

Easy administration

    • From any location or device, easily segment audiences, build custom messages, prewrite and store event-specific messages, select channels and escalation paths, respond on-the-fly, confirm and report results.
    • Conduct and learn from disaster response testing with ease.

Secure platform

    • Protect your company and customers with multiple layers of information security including data, facility, network, personnel and privacy protection

The benefits

Respond rapidly, engage flexibly

Easily engage dispersed audiences across a regional, national or global footprint.

Minimize the expense of unplanned disruptions

Deflect inbound calls, maintain productivity and speed recovery of normal operations.

Ensure the safety of constituents

Use two-way communications to account for employee status, rapidly assess impacts and provide safety instructions.

Drive customer satisfaction

Rapid response reduces customer frustration, reducing risk of negative social media and sustains employee morale.

How Nuance Incident Communications works

Hurricane Sandy: Showcase customer

Hurricane Sandy struck the Eastern Seaboard during the last week of October 2012. A key need for enterprises in the region was to make sure people were safe and informed. A leading health care solutions provider used Nuance Incident Communications during the storm to maintain employee productivity. The company’s New Jersey campus had over 30 buildings across 180 acres, plus off-site leased buildings.

The company’s goals for incident communications included ensuring employee safety, and offering information on shelter, showers, phone charging stations and fuel availability. Once safe and able to work, another goal was to keep employees productive by providing information on work locations.

The results? The company sent 122,000 individual messages during Sandy and was able to:

    • Send messages by business unit and building, so only the people who needed information regarding power outages or closures received them.
    • Offer employees the option to work from home or use “hotel” spaces on the main campus.
    • Even though the company’s Director of Security was evacuated to another state, he was able to access and send notices from the evacuation site in order to communicate critical information to employees.

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