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Make mobile customer service easier than ever

Nina for Messaging extends intelligent customer self-service to mobile moments. Intuitive, conversational interfaces transform automated engagement, cost-effectively empowering customers to find answers, solve problems and make purchases.

In-app messaging

Bring your mobile app to life by enabling a natural, two-way dialog that allows customers to quickly and easily find information and complete tasks.

2-way text messaging

Nina removes the traditional limitations of automated text dialog, adding a conversational interface that transforms text messaging into a cost-effective channel for customer service.

Leading messaging applications

Interested in leveraging popular messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, for customer service? Nina provides a proven conversational interface that makes it possible.

The benefits

Higher impact, lower costs

Offering an effortless automated self-service experience via messaging allows enterprises to reduce their operating costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and reinforcing their reputation for innovation.

Write once, deploy anywhere

Unified tooling and a common platform allows you to avoid one-off integrations and siloed, redundant application development – speeding time-to-market, reducing total cost of ownership, and minimizing risk.

Enterprise ready

Nina is purpose-built to meet the customer service needs of large enterprises, supporting each company’s unique brand, data privacy & security, and system integration requirements to deliver complete solutions and high ROI.

In-app messaging

An agent in your app

Nina for Messaging enriches engagement with your native mobile app, transforming it into an intelligent self-service tool.

A conversational interface creates effortless consumer interactions that increase self-service containment, improve conversion rates, and encourage ongoing use.

The overall experience is easily customized to align with your brand personality, while streamlined user authentication easily meets unique corporate security requirements.

2-way text messaging

Immediate resolution via text

When consumers reach for their mobile phones, chances are they’ll communicate via text.

Nina for Messaging allows you to leverage this popular channel to cost-effectively answer questions and resolve issues – deflecting engagement on more expensive channels.

Whether customers are responding to a reminder or starting the dialog with a text to a toll-free number, the automated conversation is intelligent and natural, creating an experience consumers prefer.

Give customers what they want

42% of Customers who want customer service texts
Customers who get customer service texts – 7%

Messaging applications

Staying ahead of customer

In the digital age, consumer behavior and expectations for service are constantly evolving.

Today hundreds of millions communicate regularly over messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger. Tomorrow this will be a common channel for customer self-service engagement.

Nina for Messaging has you covered. Unified tooling in our multi-channel platform allows you to cost-effectively extend a consistent conversational interface from one digital channel to the next.

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