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Target the right visitor with
the right message at the right time.

Turning visitors into customers

We make this possible by combining our Customer Engagement Platform with expertise in conversion marketing. We deliver a fully-integrated, omni-channel managed solution which:

    • • helps boost conversion rates
    • • decreases call center traffic
    • • reduces abandonment
    • • helps increase customer satisfaction
    • • increases revenue
    • • improves efficiency

Increasing conversion rates is no easy task, but the potential revenue impact is huge. You will typically see a 20% increase in the first 90 days.

Why Nuance Customer Acquisition

Turn analytics into action

We make data actionable by applying the information we collect to engage with customers at the right time and on the right channel. Our professional business analytics team works with you in an ongoing process to refine and optimize your programs.

Get results – not software

We don’t focus on selling licenses. We align ourselves with your goals to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions that solve your online conversion problems.

Benefit from our expertise

Nuance has amassed a collection of best practices and people with exceptional knowledge of site optimization. We use the real-time Big Data we collect to design custom programs and continually optimize your results.

Leverage our managed services

Our unique model is the key. We do not offer an “out of the box” solution. Each one of our programs is custom designed to meet your brand’s unique needs. We work with you to develop the program, we brief you on opportunities for optimization and we partner to drive results.

Key features

Expertise and technology that
produce results

The Customer Engagement Platform and the expertise of Nuance Professional Services team provide a host of conversion marketing solutions to approach consumers without being intrusive.

Intelligent automated engagements from Nuance resolve repetitive issues effortlessly and are able to escalate customers to a live chat agent, if needed, while maintaining the context of the conversation within the same engagement window.

Live assistance
Proactive and reactive chat allow customers who exhaust online resources to engage knowledgeable agents in conversation.

Automated engagement
Our virtual assistant, automated guides and targeted content assist your customers in finding the best product or service to meet their needs, with no agent intervention.

Transparent analytics and reporting
The Customer Engagement Platform provides you with comprehensive back-end reporting capabilities, giving you real-time campaign information including live chat transcripts and conversion statistics.

Team of experts
Best practices for program management and optimization ensure alignment with client goals such as increased conversion rates, reduced abandonment, higher AOV and greater customer satisfaction.

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