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Increase the efficiency of reservation systems with Nuance AutoStore.

Company profile

Crowne Plaza offers luxury accommodation aimed at business and holiday travelers who value above average elegance. Holiday Inn offers business and holiday travelers reliability, friendly service, modern facilities and has a good price-quality ratio. The two hotels, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Hoofddorp) and in Amsterdam, fall under the same franchise enterprise and are two of the most valued hotels in the airport and capital areas. In order to work more efficiently and reduce costs, they collaborated in various areas, such as ICT and back-office.

We needed prompt, correct processing of our reservations. Nuance AutoStore proved to offer the most efficient way to centralize paper document handling for multiple locations.

Valentin Dumonnet
Regional IT Manager
Crowne Plaza Schiphol and Holiday Inn Amsterdam

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Manage a reservation system so information is available in digital form immediately, and the correct and complete information is always at disposal


Nuance AutoStore

Digitize all reservations in a simple manner and archive them consistently


Reduced paper and printing costs

Provided prompt, correct processing of reservations

Centralized paper document handling for multiple locations

Made usage and collaboration easier, saving time and increasing security


Both hotels are strongly committed to delivering a high quality of service. Guests must be served promptly, in a friendly manner, and effectively, regardless of their query or request. This also applies to reservations, which come in through a variety of channels. Guests can book rooms through various websites, by telephone, fax, post, or email. This is often done well in advance, but last-minute bookings or changes are also a regular occurrence. Regardless of method or timing, these reservations need to be processed and sorted as soon as possible, so that neither guests nor reception staff are confronted with any unpleasant surprises.

Increased efficiency thanks to Nuance AutoStore. In the past, reservations had to be entered manually into an electronic system. Hard copies were stored in files and had to be consulted on a regular basis for specific information or for verification. This was a time-consuming activity. Nuance AutoStore was introduced in 2007 to digitize all reservations in a simple manner and archive them consistently.

Almost all reservations for both locations, regardless of the manner in which they arrive, are provided with a barcode and then scanned. Thus, manual input is no longer required, saving time and reducing the number of errors. Once digitized, reservations are automatically sorted and transferred to the reservation system. This last step is where the hotels achieve improvements in efficiency. Data input is much faster and reception staff do not need to look for (paper-based) information anymore. Everything is available in digital form immediately; the correct and complete information is always at their disposal. Group reservations, for instance, are neatly sorted, and multiple bookings by the same guest are clearly grouped. Reception staff enjoy working with it and guests receive an efficient service.

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