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AutoStore scan-enables the world's largest internal network.

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The Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is a massive internal network encompassing 363,000 computers serving more than 700,000 sailors, Marines, and civilians. It covers 620 locations in the continental United States, Hawaii and Japan, and is the largest internal computer network in the world. Approximately 20,000 multifunction peripherals (MFPs) are plugged into this network. These devices provide copying and printing services and, when properly configured, can also scan documents.

The Navy was interested in a process that would make it possible to scan to user home directories on network shares or command shares and to process requests for this service. When implemented, each Navy or Marine Corps location could request that scanning be turned on for their devices, and their system integrator would fulfill these requests.

AutoStore from Nuance was the only product that met all of our requirements.

United States Navy and Marine Corps

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A cost-effective method for integrating hundreds of different MFP models, standardizing and centralizing configuration and management while complying with extensive security and certification standards


Nuance AutoStore

A common MFP control panel interface reduces the need for training

Full audit trail generation and secure user authentication requirements meet DoD security specifications


AutoStore has fulfilled the Navy’s request without compromising security or cost requirements

AutoStore supported the hundreds of MFP models on the NMCI, minimizing the number of people required to configure and administer scanning


Enabling scanning on 20,000 devices wasn’t as simple as flipping a switch—or even 20,000 switches. The Navy uses many different models of MFPs from several different manufacturers. Some of these devices supported the initial goal: scanning to a user home or command directory.

However, configuration and operation was unique to each device or family of devices. It would be a challenge to set up and manage scanning on thousands of devices even if they were identical. In this case, a cost-effective method was needed for integrating hundreds of different models. The project simply wouldn’t be economically feasible unless configuration and management could be standardized and centralized.

But that wasn’t the only challenge. There were also extensive Department of Defense (DOD) security and certification requirements. The DOD required specific lockdown procedures for each model from each manufacturer. The system integrator would have to develop manuals describing how to secure each device and certification would require months of testing.


A cost-effective MFP scanning solution for the Navy would not have been possible without a single product that would permit them to manage up to 20,000 disparate devices centrally and meet security and certification requirements.

AutoStore from Nuance was the only product that met all of the requirements. AutoStore supports more models of MFPs than any other software vendor and made it possible to configure and manage the NMCI devices using a single platform. Standardizing on AutoStore also gave users a common MFP control panel interface, which increased user acceptance and reduced the need for training. Even more importantly, AutoStore met all DOD security specifications and certifications. For example, AutoStore generates a full audit trail of its scanning operations and requires secure user authentication through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory, as well as a government Common Access Card (CAC).

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