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Hoge Fenton saves time, money and headaches with Nuance Copitrak.

Company profile

Hoge Fenton is a multi-service law firm committed to delivering top-tier legal services to businesses and individuals. With offices in the Silicon Valley, the Tri-Valley areas, and a global network of more than 90 distinguished firms in 60 countries, Hoge Fenton can assist with the majority of their clients’ key legal needs, regardless of their size, location, industry, or legal matter.

Copitrak allows us to achieve our goal to maximum efficiency and support to our attorneys and staff members – all while allowing us to better serve our clients.

Seth Silapasvang
IT Director
Hoge Fenton Attorneys

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Maintain efficiency and client service in response to technology improvements

Desire to have a single point of contact for customer service and technical support

Need for smarter, faster workflows, and integration with existing document management software


Nuance® Copitrak® eClipse, Copitrak Advanced Scan Workflow with ProLaw integration, Copitrak Print


Integration into document management system, saving time and costs

Elimination of wasteful copies of blank pages

eClipse function deletes blank pages in double-sided copies, reducing costs and saving time.

Efficient and fast implementation—six stations were installed in one day

Enhanced employee productivity


To maintain client service expectations and keep up with current technology capabilities, Hoge Fenton began to look for a new solution for their aging copiers. The scan stations in particular were underpowered for the firm’s current needs, and there were too many moving parts—the copier, the scan station, and the monitor—requiring support calls to different vendors.

Additionally, Hoge Fenton is heavily integrated with a document management system. The upgrade would allow for direct document scanning into their system, furthering maximum efficiency. After evaluating multiple vendors and solutions, the firm found that Nuance Copitrak eClipse and Copitrak Advanced Scan Workflow with document management system integration was the best solution for their needs.

Being able to scan into their document management system directly was the tipping point for Hoge Fenton. Utilizing Copitrak Advanced Scan Workflow with document management system integration, support staff can email documents directly from the scan stations. The integration eliminated a second step in document preservation for every scanned document. Hoge Fenton also realized an additional benefit with documents that exceed size limitations. When a user attempts to scan a file that is too large for the system, Copitrak immediately and automatically stores the file on the server, and emails the user a link to the file, saving them time and lost productivity.

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