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Casner & Edwards consolidation to Copitrak improves client service.

Company Profile

Boston-based law firm Casner & Edwards prides itself on keeping abreast of changes in business and the law. For over 40 years, staying current has gone hand-in-hand with providing superior client service to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The firm attracts leading attorneys who provide sound counsel and personalized attention to clients.

Casner & Edwards represents clients in a variety of matters ranging from litigation to trusts and estates, in business and personal matters. The firm consists of 40 attorneys and 26 support personnel.

Copitrak is all about the ease of use and it saves our staff much needed valuable time.

Paul Masuret
Executive Director
Casner & Edwards, LLP

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Multiple stations for scanning and copying: Users were logging in to one station to copy and another to scan.

IMultiple vendors to call for support: The IT department would have to call a different support line for each issue.


Nuance Copitrak

Consolidated two systems into one Copitrak solution that provided cost recovery, ease of use, scan routing into document management systems, and peace of mind.


Combined two systems into one.

Simpler PDF conversion process.

Decreased user frustration level.

Reduced IT time spent to support system.

More accurate billing.


The firm had reached a crossroads with its former copying and scanning solution. It required two terminals, had little to no workflow features, was problematic integrating with the billing system, and required extra steps to send documents to the firm’s document management system. This took valuable time away from client matters, frustrated users, and made it difficult to engage in cost recovery activities. For example, a user would need to log in at the copier for copies but move to a different station to scan and route documents.

As a result, Casner & Edwards, which had reached the end of the line with its existing contract, began evaluating solutions that would be easy to use and integrate with billing and document management systems.

Finding a single system that played well with other systems

The current system was hindering productivity, cost recovery, and ultimately client service. Casner & Edwards had four factors at play when evaluating a new solution:

– Consolidating the stations. In addition to lost productivity, the firm also wanted to reduce the footprint in the copy and scan areas.

– Ease of use. Logging in to two stations frustrated users, especially new users or temporary employees.

– Workflow management. Casner & Edwards needed the ability to route documents to email or document management systems from the scanner.

– Cost recovery. The firm required accurate numbers to properly bill our clients, and a new system would need to integrate with the firm’s billing software.

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