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Stradley Ronon reduced annual support costs through cost recovery and expense management.

Company profile

From establishing one of the first mutual funds in the country in 1928 to handling the naming rights for a major Philadelphia stadium in 2004 to preventing the NASDAQ delisting of a major public company in 2014, Stradley’s responsive team of attorneys seamlessly addresses the full spectrum of clients’ needs, ranging from sophisticated corporate transactions to complex commercial litigation.

In an effort to increase cost recovery and become less reliant on paper, Stradley Ronon Attorneys at Law realized that the systems they had in place were not going to accomplish their goal.

Copitrak enabled our firm to improve workflow by providing a tool that allows us to easily scan directly to FileSite, while at the same time providing us with a cost recovery solution that helps us track and manage expenses.

Janet L. Roedell
Director of Operations
Stradley Ronon Attorneys at Law

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Decentralized scan and cost recovery systems: The firm had two different scan solutions and two different cost recovery systems throughout all their offices.

High support costs and inconsistent user experience: Redundant scan and cost recovery systems led to increasingly high support costs.


Nuance Copitrak

Consolidated four systems into one Copitrak solution that provided cost recovery, scan routing into document management systems, print management and ancillary recovery (FedEx, deliveries, supplies, etc.).


Reduced systems from four to one

Gained a single user interface for all copy, print and scanning.

Decreased IT’s budget related to system support.

Reduced annual support costs and increased recovery adding to the firm’s bottom line.


This set Stradley Ronon on a mission to find a centralized cost recovery and expense management solution that would allow them to meet their goal to increase cost recovery and become less reliant on paper.

The need for a single cost recovery and expense management solution Stradley Ronon realized the systems they had in place was not meeting these goals to increase cost recovery and become less reliant on paper. They had three objectives they wanted to meet.

1) They wanted to increase the recovery of prints since the current cost recovery system they had in place was not being used by the users.

2) They wanted to teach employees how to use the solution, both to limit scan to email and migrate scans directly to FileSite.

3) They wanted to gain better control over third-party integration such as Fed Ex costs, including supplies and deliveries.


The decision was made to go Copitrak from Nuance. After discussing the requirements with the firm and its on-site outsourcing provider, the firm decided that ideally they were looking for a solution that was easily adaptable for IT to support, one that accounting could work with on the billing side, and a tool that users could easily get used to. Nuance Copitrak was the perfect solution for Stradley Ronon.

In the end, the solution improved their billable recovery rate and increased user adoption by replacing two cost recovery and two scanning systems with one unified Copitrak solution for cost recovery, scan workflow and third party imports.

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