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Property management and pattern-making entrepreneur executes approvals quickly with Power PDF.

Company profile

As an entrepreneur and property manager, Deana Guardado has her hands—and inbox—full of paperwork. She handles the decision-making for two properties, as well as running a startup patternmaking company, and that requires filling out and signing forms, as well as marking up PDFs and indexing content so that it’s easily searchable. Guardado is also located in a rural area, making it imperative that she can conduct business online.

I depend on Power PDF for my business and always keep the software current.

Deana Guardado
Entreprenuer, Property Manager, Owner
Innovations in Dollwear

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Inability to fill out and modify form fields

Inability to sign forms

Needed to index information inside PDFs for searching files

Required simple, clear markup capabilities


Nuance® Power PDF 2.0


Money and time saved on faxing

Time saved in filling out and submitting forms

Ability to make decisions and execute approvals quickly


Because of the importance of PDFs to her livelihood, Guardado had a list of requirements that needed to be met in any solution she chose. She needed the ability to use standard forms to manage her properties, including filling out form fields, modifying the appearance and function of form fields, sign forms electronically, and save multiple versions of the same form with modified information. She also needed to index information so that she could search it later or identify tax deductions, as well as markup PDFs with highlighting and drawing tools.

With these requirements at the top of her mind, Guardado began searching for a complete solution for managing PDFs. She wanted to find something that could replace the benefits of a Next scanner, without actually having to buy another scanner and software to run it. After carefully evaluating software capabilities, including the ability to index existing PDFs, Guardado chose Nuance® Power PDF because it was a complete solution that came in at the best price point.

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