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Specialty hospital heals PDF woes with Nuance Power PDF.

Company profile

Hospitals require reams of policies and procedures to ensure patients are receiving proper care, as well as provide compliance guidelines and human resources information to staff. Carrus Hospital, a specialty hospital in Sherman, TX, is no different. The 40-bed hospital, which includes an ICU, rehab, long-term acute care, and outpatient services, has a host of handbooks detailing policies and procedures for everything from patient care to nursing procedures and general staff guidelines. When the current Director of IT, Gary Glenn, first started at Carrus Hospital several years ago, he noticed that users struggled with the legacy PDF software, and it was inaccessible for those who were not extremely tech-savvy. He immediately began looking for something more user-friendly so that everyone from C-level executives and the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) to administrative assistants could add, remove, and edit PDF documents.

Look at competitors and compare them to Nuance Power PDF. If you look at features, not cost, Power PDF is going to be the choice they’re going to make. Then, once they pay attention to the cost, it’s going to be a no-brainer.

Gary Glenn
Director of IT
Carrus Hospitals

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Needed to be able to work within PDFs

Existing solution was not user friendly

Minimize expenditures and learning curve


Nuance® Power PDF 2.0


Saved $1800 in past three years—was able to redirect funds into HIPPA-compliant messaging app and secure patient records

Paper reduction

Dramatically decreased time to work with PDFs

CEO, CNO able to easily work within PDFs


Minimizing costs and the learning curve: Since ease of use was the first thing on the list, Glenn began asking around. His wife’s company had recently undergone a search for a new PDF product, and while they chose a product that users were more familiar with, the director of IT mentioned that Nuance Power PDF was a strong option. Glenn was already familiar with Nuance through the company’s transcription services and Dragon Dictation Medical, and the biggest reason he began considering Power PDF was the interface. He downloaded a trial and was impressed—and when he found out that it cost much less than the competition, he was sold. “Most of those PDF suites have the same capabilities,” Glenn said. “But when you’re providing one to users, you want it to be as user-friendly as possible to minimize the learning curve. We’re also not a huge hospital, so I’m always looking to spend as little as possible while getting a good ROI.”

Now, the CEO can open PDF documents in Power PDF, edit it, and save it in the same place. Documents look the way he wants them to look. HR can update its policies and procedures handbook easily. And the CNO, who is responsible for nursing-related policies and procedure, can import PDF documents from other sources, extract necessary pages, and lay out documents faster than it would take her to delegate it to another employee. Power PDF 2.0 has made this even easier with its interface that is similar to Microsoft Office. Additionally, while it takes half as much time to work in Power PDF, the hospital has seen other small savings. For example, users aren’t printing out as many documents, using less paper and toner.

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