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Asset protection firm boosts client service with upgrade to Nuance Power PDF 2.0.

Company profile

Robert Matthews is no stranger to editing PDFs. In the late 1990s, the owner of Global Asset Advisors, Inc. knew he had to get away from literally cutting and pasting paper, then copying it. It was inefficient, and it took hours to complete a task that should have been simple, like inserting a legal description into a document. These legal descriptions had to be completely accurate, but the complexity and length—up to three pages, and carried over from the 1930s—meant that Matthews spent entirely too much time cleaning up handwritten notations.

Nuance Power PDF 2.0 is faster than the previous version and I love the new Microsoft like ribbon!

Robert Matthews
Global Asset Advisors

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Ability to edit PDFs

Insert complex legal descriptions into client documents

Secure documents with password protection


Nuance® Power PDF 2.0


Time savings—something that used to take two hours now takes five minutes

Can take on more clients, charge clients less money

Can secure documents to send to overseas associates


Matthews was an early adopter of PDF solutions, and via a trial of Dragon Naturally Speaking, he learned about Nuance’s PDF tools. His main challenges were password protecting files and editing them, including converting JPEG files that clients often send him today. Combined with PaperPort, he found a solution that worked well for him: he would scan documents using PaperPort, then edit the documents with Power PDF. When Nuance introduced an upgrade, Nuance® Power PDF 2.0, Matthews immediately purchased it to take advantage of new features. “I figured the upgraded version would have improvements,” he said. “I want to make that part of my job easier.”

Nuance Power PDF had already been easy to use, but 2.0 proved to have an even more familiar interface: menu ribbons along the top, similar to what Matthews had already been using in Microsoft Office products. It’s easier for him to find what he needs. But that’s just the beginning of Power PDF’s usefulness. Matthews regularly deals with the aforementioned legal descriptions. In some states, these descriptions can be up to three pages long, passed down for decades, and copied over and over. Matthews needs to acquire a copy of the county records, which often has crossed out and handwritten information that needs to be removed to create a clean legal description. It used to take up to two hours to clean up these descriptions, but with Power PDF, he spends five to ten minutes scanning the document, removing things like annotations and stamps, and finally providing a clean legal description to use in client documents.

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