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Accounting firm streamlines paper processes with Nuance Power PDF®

Company profile

Accounting firms traditionally deal in paper, and LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC is no different. The St. Petersburg, Florida-based firm, which handles sophisticated individual tax returns, as well as businesses, needed to be able to create, manipulate, and search PDF documents to serve its clients more efficiently and securely. Any PDF product it chose needed to have version control capabilities to ensure the documents’ integrity, as well as e-signature features to allow clients to electronically sign documents. To streamline information gathering, LeWalt Consulting Groupe needed the ability to create fillable forms for clients. The firm had created templates in Word, and being able to convert them to PDF as worksheets or pre-meeting intake questionnaires would save time for both them and their clients.

Power PDF is a great tool for working with PDF forms, and there is a lot of functionality in the program. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about Power PDF.

John Walters
Managing Member
LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC

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Create fillable PDFs for client intakes

Needed searchable PDFs

Protect PDFs with passwords


Nuance Power PDF 2.0


Time savings - 50% less time to convert Word documents

Ability to separate and combine PDF files with ease

Can provide more efficient service to clients


LeWalt Consulting Groupe already was familiar with Nuance products; the company had been using previous PDF products, as well as Dragon transcription programs and OmniPage. Because LeWalt Consulting Group wanted to consolidate its PDF tools into one program, it began examining its options. Competitor solutions had an unpalatable price point and clunky interfaces, but LeWalt Consulting Group found exactly what it needed in Power PDF. It could perform all the same functions as competing solutions, and it would allow users to do everything with PDFs that they were able to do with Word documents.

Additionally, Nuance Power PDF would give LeWalt Consulting Groupe signature features, as it was in the process of converting to electronic documents for tax returns. It was often a challenge to get documents back after signing, and this would allow clients to electronically sign their returns and send them back to LeWalt Consulting Groupe for filing. “We used so many other Nuance programs that we said, ‘let’s try this one, too’,” recalled John Walters, Managing Member.

After two years with Power PDF 1.0, LeWalt Consulting Groupe made the decision to begin upgrading to Power PDF 2.0. “It has more features and functionality, plus when I saw the video Nuance produced and how the ribbon is like Microsoft Office tools, it seemed like an even easier way to use the program,” Walters said. Power PDF 2.0 also came with a training video, which helped sway the firm in its purchasing decision.

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