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Solo practitioner goes truly solo, slashes overhead with Nuance Power PDF.

Company profile

When Jill Vereb hung out her solo practitioner’s shingle, she knew right away what she didn’t want to do: wrangle stacks of paper. The founding partner of the Law Offices of Jill Vereb had seen firsthand how a paper-intensive office required an extra staff member to handle the stacks, including preparing hefty discovery packages for court filings. Paper would mean inefficiency and hefty costs, and Vereb, a family law practitioner based in Sugarland, Texas, wanted to provide the most efficient—and cost effective—services to her clients.

I saw a return of investment the first day when I wasn't printing reams of paper.

Jill Vereb
Founding Partner
Law Offices of Jill Vereb

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Reduce costs related with printing

Reduce time spent on discovery

Become a “green” office


Nuance® Power PDF


Does not need to hire a paralegal or assistant

Huge efficiency gains; saves up to 97% in time on Bates-stamping

Over $4,000/month saved on printing

Reduced costs for clients

Digitized files for disaster recovery


Family law requires a lot of documents for discovery: emails, bank statements, cell phone records, and any kind of paper trail that can be imagined needs to be produced to opposing counsel. Not only do all these documents require a Bates number (a unique number to identify each page of each document), but in the larger counties in Texas, they also have to be turned into searchable PDFs before the attorney can file the documents with the court. Vereb knew that, in today’s tech-savvy world, there had to be a program that could do all this for her so that she could focus on practicing law.

Vereb began exploring her options. She was already familiar with Nuance as a regular user of Dragon dictation applications, so when her patent attorney husband forwarded her information on Nuance Power PDF, she was intrigued. It provided all the features she needed and was cost-effective—and from a company she trusted. When Vereb bought Power PDF, she immediately was able to save money. Her previous employer spent nearly $4,000 per month on printing-related costs, and Vereb buys a case of paper every 18 months. She converts emails, downloadable PDFs, and other documents to searchable PDFs and files them electronically with the courts, saving everything to client files on her secure cloud-based file server. Power PDF’s Bates numbering functionality allows her to Bates stamp hundreds of pages of documents in minutes, instead of having to pay $200 per month for additional functionality or hire an assistant.

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