Dragon Drive

Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road

Dragon Drive offers drivers personalized access to content and services in the car through deep voice integration, while ensuring seamless connectivity and end-to-end delivery of all services.

Driver-centric voice command

A natural voice interface reduces the need to touch or look at the vehicle head unit, which mitigates distracted driving.

Automotive grade connectivity

Dragon Drive is optimized for the in-car experience with an easy-to-use natural language interface and uninterrupted delivery of all onboard and cloud content.

Seamless access to content

Dragon Drive offers drivers seamless access to the content and services they want, where they want it, whether on the head unit, smartphone or on the web.

Streamlined deployment

With development expertise across voice recognition, web, mobile, and vehicle head unit technologies, Nuance offers carmakers turnkey deployment.

See connected, distraction-free driving with Dragon Drive voice command in action.

The benefits

What we offer you

Uniquely-branded experience

You can customize the Dragon Drive interface according to your brand and user experience requirements.

Automotive grade

Dragon Drive is designed for drivers: Optimized speech recognition, natural language understanding, distraction-free interface and access to relevant content.

Hassle-free deployment

Dragon Drive offers you a single provider solution reducing the workload and burden of managing multiple suppliers and content providers.

What we help you offer your customers

Personalized experience

Dragon Drive provides a deeply personalized infotainment experience with smart integration of context, history and driver preferences.

Driver-friendly interface

Drivers can do more using voice recognition, natural language understanding, as well as text-to-speech and dictation capabilities.

Seamless connectivity

Drivers stay connected to infotainment services with over-the-air updates and the ability to access content even on foot via a mobile device.

We’re in millions of garages

Yours could be one of them

We build for cars. We design for drivers. We know the industry. With more than 90 million cars and 50 million portable navigation systems equipped with Nuance speech technologies, the proof is in the numbers.

Our solutions

Dragon Drive Speech

Enables drivers to pull content from any source, whether it’s embedded in the vehicle’s head unit, from a server, or both.

Dragon Drive Connect

Safeguards against connectivity interruptions due to API changes or web anomalies, and supports development-free service updates and integration.

Dragon Drive Link

Provides sophisticated managed connectivity between the vehicle‘s head unit and the driver’s mobile phone, including user authentication and over-the-air updates.

Dragon Drive Mobile

As part of the Dragon Drive connected car system; the Dragon Drive Mobile App (iOS & Android) connects seamlessly to a vehicle’s head unit to enable intelligent personal assistant capabilities as part of the infotainment experience.

Dragon Drive Named as 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree

Nuance’s Dragon Drive Named as 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree

Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market. Read more

The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

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Learn more about Nuance’s end-to-end service delivery platform for the connected car, offering voice, natural language understanding, dialog management, expressive text-to-speech, in-car connectivity, apps, content, and dynamic application user authentication.

Content: Driving the User Experience

Differentiation today is an enormous challenge for Automotive OEMs. Among the numerous technical developments like hybrid technologies, or lighting concepts, connectivity stands out by bringing the power of the internet to the car. However, connectivity alone is not enough: It is the content and the unique requirements on the Automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface) that drives the user experience.


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