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Unlock the value of
your multi-speaker audio

Nuance Transcription Engine automatically transcribes multi-speaker audio data with the highest accuracy in the industry and turns pre-recorded or live audio streams into actionable data that can be used for a host of new applications.

Highly accurate transcriptions.
Limitless possibilities.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the diverse opportunities that are possible once the content trapped within audio files is set free in the form of a highly accurate transcription. For example, adding transcription to the large amount of audio content within an organization’s call center can provide rich customer insights, improve service, and promote script adherence and compliance. Free form survey responses can be turned into actionable data and speech & text analytics can be super-charged.

Outside of the contact center, opportunities abound from adding fast transcription to broadcast media in order to understand and analyze what is being said in near real-time worldwide to fully transcribing audio and video assets for rapid searching and indexing to transcription of conference calls, courtroom proceedings, and interviews. Once Nuance Transcription Engine converts the audio into a text transcript, sophisticated analytics can be employed to support any number of desired use cases.

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Nuance Transcription Engine Data Sheet

Highly accurate enterprise-grade multi-speaker transcription engine designed to scale and address the growing need to capture and analyze conversational speech data.

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Nuance Transcription Engine
at a glance

  • Two output formats – human-readable and searched-optimized lattice
  • Multiple speakers identified
  • Time stamped words
  • Meaningful probability of best choice and alternative words
  • Non-speech detection
  • 15 languages and 30 dialects supported with additional languages rolling out on a regular basis
  • Vocabulary customization to easily specialize the vocabulary for a given application (e.g. adding product names or person names at runtime)
  • Unlocks the latent value of large treasure-troves of multi-speaker audio files by converting those files into highly accurate transcriptions
  • Enables the organization to apply any number of additional analytical applications to the transcriptions to generate actionable insights and business value
  • Flexible technology that can be used standalone in a workflow or integrated into a broader product offering
  • Up to 88% accuracy, highest in industry
  • Highly scalable – supports large volumes of multi-speaker audio
  • Three configurations for pre-recorded audio allowing the best speed vs. accuracy trade-off
  • Near real-time transcription of live-audio streams
  • Enterprises
  • Broadcast media
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

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