The Art of Medicine

Medicine is part science. Part art.

The relationship between physicians and patients is at the core of healing. This begins with hearing and understanding. Let’s reimagine healthcare — where physicians can get back to the art of medicine.

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How can physicians navigate the changes and challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment while doing what matters most – listening and caring for patients?

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Physician leaders address current physician frustrations with technology and share insights into how to make EHRs easier to use.

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The physician's voice

How do physicians overcome challenges and practice the art of medicine? Read their perspectives, suggestions and points of view.

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The Art of Medicine in a digital world

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Sixty percent of physicians would retire if they had the means to do so. They’re spending more time documenting patient care than actually providing it. Something has to change. Find out what industry leaders suggest to get physicians back to their patients.

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From Rockwell to Reality

When Redesigning Healthcare, What Really Matters?

A Lost Luxury: Taking Patients Every Step of the Way

Physicians in the Foxhole


The healthcare reality

Defining the problem will lead to a solution.


of physicians say that EHRs interfere with face-to-face communication during patient care.


of physicians say “patient relationships” are the most satisfying part of practicing medicine.


of an average ER physician’s time is spent directly with patients.

What needs to change to get doctors back to the patient?

Experts sound off

These videos of a recent panel show industry experts speaking frankly about physician frustrations, HIT policies and emerging technologies poised to improve the physician- patient experience.

Current Frustrations with Usabilityy Video

Current Frustrations with Usability
EHRs, data overload & regulatory policies hijacked innovation.

Today’s Best Practices Video

Today’s Best Practices
How to exchange info and get wisdom to take better care of patients?

Vision of Digital Healthcare Video

Vision of Digital Healthcare
From NLP to wearables, what HIT will improve the clinical experience of the future?

John D. Halamka, MD, MS
Practicing Emergency Physician and CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS, MHS
CMIO Health Information Innovation & Integration, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, FACR
Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Steven Stack, MD
Past Chair of the American Medical Association (AMA); Practicing Emergency Physician in KY

The Physician's Voice

Featured articles and clips

Transforming care, breaking down barriers

Industry and academic leaders who creatively brainstorm interventions will serve as the futurists who are transforming our care.

Doctors and tech: Who serves whom?

Giving physicians more say in how to incorporate technology into their work is good for patients, and the field.

We must all be engaged in the design, delivery, and re-imagination of healthcare.

Health IT is facing a disparity between where we are and where we would like to be.

Are Health IT Regulations Causing Stress Fractures?

How the repeated hammering of regulations, policy changes, and non-intuitive technology is causing fissures between patients and their physicians.

How do we get physicians back to the art of medicine?

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