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Medical Transcriptionists Improve Patient Documentation

Supporting patient care with quality documentation

Benefits for Medical Transcriptionists

As a Medical Transcriptionist, you’re probably wondering….
… how to provide quality documentation, how to continue to improve your productivity and how to use speech editing tools to their fullest potential. 

You may ask yourself

What we offer

Increasing productivity of medical transcriptionists: Kristen Walters

Increase productivity

Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System and eScription use background speech recognition to create formatted draft documents, turning medical transcriptionists into editors, increasing their productivity – and reducing their physical strain – significantly. Once MTs make the transition to editing, they do not want to return to ‘the old way’.

Improve document TAT

With computer aided medical transcription, clinicians dictate as usual but background speech recognition software produces first draft documents for MTs to edit. Because editing typically is twice as fast as traditional transcription, MTs deliver quality documents in half the time.

Enjoy less physical strain

MTs who work on Nuance’s eScription or Dictaphone Enterprise Speech platforms find, as editors, they can use their clinical knowledge and increase significantly their ‘lines per hour’ with far less physical strain.

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