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By 2012, over 80% of physicians will own smartphones. And it’s not just about convenience. Studies have shown as many as 60% of clinicians avoid three or more medical errors a month and save at least 20 minutes each day using real-time mobile information search at the point of care. With stimulus funding at stake, mobile clinical documentation may be the best application for achieving “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHRs). For attracting and retaining physicians, ensuring patient safety, populating the EHR and increasing clinician productivity, mobility is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. 

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The most efficient, accurate and expeditious way to inform and document care? Real-time, speech-driven content searches and clinical dictation with Nuance Healthcare’s Dragon® Medical Mobile solutions. Speech-recognition software coupled with smartphone hardware allows clinicians simply to speak a request to search medical content or dictate results to populate the clinical record and EHR. The result? Enhanced patient safety, more robust clinical records, shorter turnaround times – and better patient care.

  • Dragon Medical Mobile Search informs care decisions, increases clinician satisfaction, and improves patient safety by giving clinicians a smarter way to search for answers on various medical websites, including IMO, Medscape, MedLine, and Google.
  • Dragon Medical Mobile Dictation captures more of the patient story, gets it into the EHR faster and improves productivity by allowing clinicians to dictate and capture information via a smartphone in real time without having to return to the desktop, or rely on the keyboard or touch screen. Available? Not yet! Check back soon!
  • Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder saves clinicians time and inconvenience, improves documentation accuracy and timeliness with a voice-capture application that allows clinicians to conduct on-the-go dictation on a smartphone, then forward it to Nuance’s background speech recognition platform.
  • Nuance Healthcare Development Platform will allow ISVs and healthcare providers to embed industry-leading medical speech recognition capabilities and the latest advancements in Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology in their applications supporting multiple devices and operating systems.



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