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Clinical Documentation

Streamline clinical documentation with speech recognition solutions and services

Clinical Documentation

Internal medicine residents spend more than four hours daily on documentation, which doesn't leave much time for patient care. Streamlining clinical documentation with speech recognition solutions gives clinicians more time to spend with patients, while it ensuring they have the most current, comprehensive clinical data. Speech-assisted clinical documentation solutions give clinicians the best of both worlds -- a way to preserve the physician record while populating the EHR.

Nuance's clinical documentation solutions use our industry leading speech recognition technologies to help healthcare organizations reduce transcription costs, improve quality, reduce turnaround time, accelerate EHR meaningful use and accommodate physician preferences with new mobile devices. The world of clinical documentation is changing, and Nuance can help your organization change with it.


St Joseph's shortens clinical documentation TAT

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Nuance Clinical Documentation Solutions

Raising healthcare quality, lowering healthcare costs: Charlie Covin , VP and CIO

Nuance Healthcare offers a wide range of industry-leading speech-driven dictation options to match diverse workflows and changing clinical documentation needs:



Market Leadership

Nuance Healthcare leads the market in speech-driven documentation and communication solutions that help clinicians document care. Nuance offers the most comprehensive, accurate, easy to use clinical documentation, communication and decision support solutions for use across the healthcare enterprise – all designed to reduce costs, improve quality of care and achieve EHR meaningful use.

  • 3,500 healthcare organizations use Nuance solutions
  • 450,000 clinicians in 10,000+ healthcare facilities use Nuance solutions
  • Improved MLS productivity 100%+
  • Increased clinician efficiency 25%


What customers say

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“Dragon Medical 360 | eScription speech recognition, with significant cost savings, improved turnaround time and minimal to no disruption for physicians, is a win-win proposition for any hospital provider.”
Sue Schade CIO, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston MA

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Clinical Documentation

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