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Speech Recognition

The shortest distance between medical dictation and the EHR

Speech Recognition for Healthcare

Speech Recognition improves St Joseph's workflow efficiency

Speech recognition drives efficiencies and cost savings in clinical documentation by turning clinician dictations into formatted documents -- automatically.

Front-end speech recognition allows clinicians to dictate, self-edit and sign transcription-free, completed reports in one sitting – directly into a RIS/PACS system or EHR. Front-end speech recognition also allows physicians to navigate quickly from one section of the EHR to another, saving valuable time.

Background speech recognition turns clinician dictation into speech-recognized first drafts that medical language specialists (MLS) edit, resulting in up to 100% gains in MLS productivity when compared to traditional transcription.


Seattle Children’s increases productivity 101% with Speech Recognition


 What we offer

Nuance Speech Recognition Solutions

Speech Recognition for Healthcare – Improving workflow Dr. Lewis E. Winnans


Market Leadership

Designed for use enterprise-wide or in diagnostics-specific settings, Nuance’s speech recognition software and editing services are the market’s most accurate speech-recognition solutions

450,000 clinicians in 10,000+ healthcare facilities use Nuance solutions worldwide
3 billion lines of transcription generated through eScription
$100 million annual investment in R&D
Deep partnerships with HIT vendors


What customers say

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“We were most interested in the ROI associated with implementing a speech-enabled technology. We were spending close to $1.2 million on transcription costs in our primary care network and with the implementation of Dragon Medical to complement our Allscripts EMR, our projected cost for transcription has been brought to zero.”
Dr. Betty Rabinowitz, Primary Care Internist
University of Rochester Medical Clinic

“eScription demonstrates significant cost savings and improved turnaround time – with little to no disruption for our physicians. A win-win proposition for any hospital provider.”
Sue Schade, CIO
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston MA

“PowerScribe offered much better integration with our PACS and RIS systems, was fully web-based, and had a proven track record of successes in usability, and proven cost savings. Overnight, actually, we went live with PowerScribe, so it was a very effortless procedure. We were blown away by how well it was integrated with everything else.”
Rasu Shrestha, MD, Informatics Director, Keck School of Medicine

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Speech Recognition

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