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Talk your way to savings with Nuance's transcription solutions.


Nuance Healthcare provides a full complement of solutions for clinical transcription, combining advanced speech recognition technology with superior labor and account management to simplify your clinical documentation while maintaining quality. Our background speech recognition platforms reduce turnaround times and cut costs without disrupting clinician workflow; while our front-end solutions provide real-time documentation that allows clinicians to make their notes available to their colleagues instantly. 


 What we offer

Nuance Transcription Solutions

Speech recognition medical transcription services




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What customers say

Dictaphone and eScription medical transcription services

“eScription speech recognition, with significant cost savings, improved turnaround time and minimal to no disruption for physicians, is a win-win proposition for any hospital provider.”
Sue Schade CIO, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston MA

“We’ve met our goals, are seeing huge savings and we’ve achieved turnaround times better than we thought possible.”
Susie Oborn, Corporate Manager, Transcription Services Intermountain Healthcare Salt Lake City UT

“Information appears in the patient record faster, ensuring physicians all the necessary information.”
Ashok Rai, MD, President and CEO Prevea Health Green Bay WI

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