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Automated Chart Deficiency Tracking

Automated Chart Deficiency Tracking

VA Chart Complete
The ability to deliver complete documentation is crucial to meeting today’s regulatory requirements and to expediting the coding/billing process. VA Chart Complete is a simple yet powerful record management system to help VA medical centers meet the challenges of timely record completion.
VA Chart Complete helps automate the way your HIM department monitors the document completion process and provide expanded reporting capabilities to meet Joint Commission requirements. This robust system provides graphic reports of chart aging, instant delinquency calculations, and time-stamp deficiencies along with an automated provider correspondence module to alert the clinical staff of their deficient records. VA Chart Complete is the perfect tool to manage the VA medical record completion process and simplify communication with medical staff.


  • Enhances efficiency with real-time integration with VistA packages
  • Enables easier reporting with templates that include extensive selection criteria
  • Improves peer-review activities with vital data for use in the reappointment and recredentialing processes

Clintegrity 360 VACC:
Improve your VA organization’s reporting capabilities and accelerate the revenue processes.

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