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Nuance Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions

Nuance diagnostic solutions empower healthcare providers to collaborate and deliver complete, timely, quality diagnostic reporting and medical imaging data exchange.

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Leverage mandatory fields in your radiology reports to reduce errors and save money

PowerShare Radiology Reporting leverages the structured, flexible reporting platform of PowerScribe 360 to automate the submission to targeted registries like the ACR's PQRS registry. Radiology Reporting maintains productivity and existing workflows, and ensures compliance to avoid penalties. Now you can focus on Radiology. Sign up now.

Don’t miss patient data

Patient data is automatically entered and exam data can be automatically entered at the time of report creation.

Get exactly what you need

Reduce lag time and possibility of human error by having relevant data automatically extracted.

Transmit to registry

Required data is transmitted automatically to targeted registries like the ACR's PQRS registry providing clearer images in a timely fashion.

Up and running at no cost

Sign up before September 31, 2016 and receive a free trial of PowerShare Registry Reporting Service at no cost.

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PQRS made easy with PowerShare Registry Reporting Service

See how PowerShare Registry Reporting Service will help streamline Physician Quality Reporting and make it easy to save time, reduce errors, and avoid penalties.

Key benefits

Don’t lose data to errors or cumbersome steps in the process.

PowerShare Registry Reporting extracts data automatically and transmits it to targeted registries like the ACR's PQRS registry, where you can review performance and determine which elements to have ACR submit to CMS on your behalf.

  • Expands reportable measures beyond the five most often associated with PQRS reporting
  • Provides immediate feedback on data submissions
  • Maintains your existing workflows without disruption
  • Eliminates manual data extraction and transmission
  • Data is driven off of standard workflows
  • Automated electronic delivery to the ACR helps avoid penalties
  • Leverages existing PowerScribe 360’s reporting platform

PowerShare Registry Reporting Service features

Reliably capture and enter relevant data.

PowerShare Registry Reporting Service integrates data as radiologists create the report, cutting down on time and errors. Efficiency is maximized by driving data off standard workflow and report templates with no changes to existing workflows.

Automatically extract the required data

Give the right information the first time, every time. PowerShare Registry Reporting Service automatically extracts the relevant patient information as the report is created, reducing human errors, lag time, and penalties.

Share hi-res information to your registry instantly

Everyone on the same page, virtually. PowerShare Registry Reporting Service automatically transmits patient data to your registry, creating a unique transaction ID that allows for easy tracking and immediate ACR Service feedback to identify missing data or incorrect measurements.

Generates feedback on data submission

Expands reportable measures beyond the five most often associated with PQRS reporting and delivers feedback on data submissions.

The numbers speak for themselves.


Maximum annual penalty paid by radiologists due to inaccurate or late data submission. *Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Annual amount that may be paid due to penalties. *Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


What top reporting performers may earn as a bonus. *Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

PowerShare Network Professional Services

PowerShare Network, PowerShare Image Sharing and PowerShare Registry Reporting Service are backed by the industry’s most experienced healthcare experts with a dedicated team of professionals who ensure a smooth deployment and provide expertise for your ongoing success.

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