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Nuance Healthcare solutions

More than just speech recognition, we're redefining how your organization interacts with clinical documentation on every level.

Go to the cloud to let clinicians go anywhere

If you want to increase your level of care, clinical documentation should be as mobile as your clinicians. Nuance provides a suite of tools in the cloud that go wherever they’re needed, from the exam room to the lab to the car.

Explore cloud and mobile medical solutions
Features & Benefits

Clinical documentation—without limitation

From portability to reliability, there are hundreds of reasons to consider Nuance’s cloud and mobile medical solutions. Here are six of the most popular ones.

Right. At the point of care.

By capturing the details while clinicians are still with the patient, you not only end up with better quality documentation, but doctors have more time to spend on what matters most.

Keep pace with doctors.

Doctors are now free to complete patient stories as a natural part of their day—by walking up to any workstation at the clinic or securely accessing the same speech profile from their home office or on the road.

Put your energy where it matters.

Cloud-based solutions save you the time and expense of investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, and managing upgrades—so you can focus on strategic projects.

Access you can count on.

Our cloud medical solutions feature 99.95% uptime and run on geographically disperse, active-active, redundant data centers. Not to mention geo-location routing and global load balancing for true elastic computing.

Our security is your security.

By leveraging cloud computing services hosted by Microsoft Azure, we’re able to focus on delivering solutions with world-class features—like secure communication of speech data over 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols into the EHR.

Ripe for the choosing.

We offer cloud and on-premise physician speech and transcription options, so you can select the combination that’s best for you. Customers already using Dragon Medical Network Edition can move to the cloud at their own pace and on their own terms.

89% of CIOs rate portability as a top benefit of cloud solutions

View the infographic: Doctors on the move need tech that keeps up

Cloud Solutions

Making the rounds

Cloud-based speech recognition

Looking to dictate directly in the EHR? Use Dragon Medical One to seamlessly document in Epic®, Cerner®, eClinicalWorks, athenahealth®, MEDITECH®, GE®, McKesson® or any Windows or web-based EHR.

Discover Dragon Medical One

Prefer the assistance of a medical transcriptionist? Our industry-leading transcription platforms handle more than 90% of the dictated volume, so all transcriptionists have to do is edit—an approach that decreases turnaround time and reduces human error.

Explore transcription solutions

Real-time image sharing

Patients want fast, decisive care decisions. Clinicians need instant access to medical exams and images. Radiologists need to minimize the potential for unreimbursed repeat exams.

The PowerShare Network is a highly scalable cloud-based platform that enables the secure access and real-time sharing of images and imaging data across organizations, desktops, and mobile devices.

Connect to the 2000+ (and growing) healthcare organizations already on the PowerShare Network, and extend your referral network.

Discover the PowerShare Network

The Mobile Clinician

We have a dictation platform that’s calling your name

Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an ambulatory clinic, we have everything your clinicians need to capture the patient story.

Mobile dictation
Front-end speech recognition

Instead of hunting down a workstation with a microphone, clinicians can use PowerMic Mobile to extend the portability of Dragon Medical—turning any workstation into a dictation station that feeds directly into the EHR. And, in radiology, PowerScribe 360 Mobile Radiologist enables hands-free dictation and report sign-off to capture the essential details needed for diagnostic imaging workflow.

Back-end transcription

Nuance's mobile transcription apps provide portable access to your transcription workflow. And, for the utmost flexibility and choice, Nuance Velocity gives clinicians at ambulatory clinics mobile access to both front-end speech recognition and on-demand transcription services, as well as intuitive smart templates.

Voice-enabled EHR apps

Let clinicians work directly within your EHR mobile app and web-based platforms. Nuance has worked side by side with EHRs, many of whom have voice-enabled their own apps on the Nuance platform—including Epic Haiku and Canto, Cerner PowerChart Touch, eClinicalWorks Mobile and Touch, MEDITECH Web EHR, and athenaClinicals, just to name a few. Explore them all now

PowerMic Mobile
Manage transcriptions

When the data capture ends, our treatment begins. To help doctors manage and collaborate over the patient story, clinicians can take advantage of Nuance’s mobile transcription apps to browse their patient schedules and capture, review, edit, and authenticate transcribed patient documentation with the touch of a finger—from any location at any time.

Share diagnostic reports

The productivity doesn’t stop at the EHR. PowerScribe 360 Mobile Clinician and PowerScribe 360 Mobile Radiologist open the lines of communication between radiologists and referring physicians allowing them to securely share, sign, and collaborate over diagnostic reports.

Access your voice in third party apps

Through the Nuance Healthcare ID—part of the Dragon Medical One cloud platform—clinicians can move effortlessly among a range of voice-enabled mobile productivity apps providing secure communication, care coordination, clinical reference, telemedicine, population health, and more.

Connecting healthcare through cloud innovation

1st to market

with innovations in cloud-based speech recognition, mobile medical transcription solutions, and computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD).

67 million

active cloud users per month connect to Nuance solutions using more than 12 billion connected devices including TVs, cars, watches, thermostats, home security systems, clinical documentation solutions, and more.


clinics, hospitals, and IDNs leverage Nuance healthcare solutions in the cloud.


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