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Intelligent systems for healthcare

Reinvent the healthcare experience

Clinical documentation solutions that works. For clinicians, patients and a healthier bottom line.

Healing healthcare with voice

Nuance offers industry-leading voice recognition solutions tailored to address the changing needs of clinicians, hospitals and the evolving healthcare system.

For healthcare organizations

Accelerate EHR uptake and adoption, raise physician satisfaction and increase the quality of care.

Speech-enable your EHR

Streamline diagnostic reports

Introduce a dictation workflow

For clinical system providers

Embed advanced speech services into your clinical IT-solution and increase user uptake and satisfaction.

Embed advanced speech services into your clinical IT-solution!

Let’s reimagine healthcare together

Together we can improve patient care and your bottom line.

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Healthcare insights

The Art of Medicine
Helping physicians navigate healthcare changes while focusing on patients.

Building a more efficient health service
White Paper on the critical role of speech recognition technology in the future of healthcare.

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