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Give Your Hands a Break

From students to grandparents, everyone can use their voice to control the computer and create documents

Don’t let typing, spelling, or fear of the blank page slow you down. Sit back, relax, and get more done. Now you can enjoy the time you spend on your computer, whether you're using a PC or a Mac. Each edition of our speech recognition software delivers the same fast and accurate transcription of spoken words.

For Your PC

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a personal assistant for your PC. Just say words and watch them appear on your screen. Control your applications and files by voice for a more comfortable, enjoyable computing experience. 

  • Create documents three times faster than typing
  • Control your PC by voice
  • Up to 99% recognition accuracy
  • Get more done faster

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For Your MAC

For Your Mac
Mac users expect only the best from the applications they use on their Macs. MacSpeech Dictate was built from the ground up to ensure the ultimate experience on Mac OS X. 

  • Astounding accuracy and productivity
  • Just speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate will execute it
  • Transcribe text from audio files
  • Medical and Legal editions available

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