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Managing your case documents with solutions from Nuance can reduce administrative costs, speed searches for relevant information, and protect client privacy.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Thousands of legal professionals now leverage speech recognition technology to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create everything from briefs and contracts to case documentation and correspondence. Creating documents by voice with speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking offers a faster, more efficient alternative to typing.

  • Quickly create and format briefs, memos and emails
  • Reduce reliance on support staff
  • Customize the vocabulary for the words you use

More About Dragon Legal

More About Dragon Legal Solutions

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Document Productivity Solutions for Legal Services Professionals

Whether it’s preparing pleadings, capturing depositions, submitting documentary evidence or sharing documents with opposing counsel, legal professionals need smart solutions for document scanning, document management, OCR, and forms processing to help them regain control over paper-intensive filings, billing, and regulatory/administrative processes. Nuance helps legal professionals achieve exceptional efficiency along with significant cost savings and increased productivity.

  • Increase productivity by transforming paper into editable electronic documents.
  • Automate document redaction and document compare.
  • Improve client service with faster, more accurate document processes.
  • Shrink your environmental footprint through vastly reduced paper consumption.

Create & Edit with Power PDF

Make Documents Searchable & Editable with OmniPage OCR

Scan & Organize Files Electronically with PaperPort

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Legal Solutions

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