Dragon for PC Home Edition

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Dragon Home 12

Simple voice commands let you get more done at home or school.

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Dragon Premium Edition

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Dragon Premium 12

Dictate documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and more.

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More Dragon versions

Speech recognition solutions for specific professions.

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Dragon Home

Just talk to control your home computer

Dictate a quick email, search for a recipe, speak a homework assignment straight into your PC. It’s easy, quick, and dare we say it, fun with Dragon. You’ll get way more done that you ever imagined and you’ll wonder why you ever slaved over a keyboard.

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Dragon Premium

Speed through work with speech recognition

Get more done faster with greater efficiency. Use your voice to create reports, spreadsheets, and presentations. Zip through your email inbox, even capture notes on the go and sync them back to your PC. Make your daily to-do list vanish before lunch.

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Dragon Professional

Drive productivity and cost savings

The ideal solution for corporate professionals who want to work faster and smarter. Create documents three times faster than typing and control your PC by voice. Manage email, search, automate processes, and get dictation instantly transcribed into text.

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Dragon Legal

Speed document turnaround and reduce transcription costs

Designed specifically for the legal community, it automatically formats legal citations, supports third-party correction and provides accurate out-of-the-box recognition of dictated legal terms.

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Dragon for Accessibility Challenges

End the pain of typing once and for all

Individuals with accessibility issues, such as carpal tunnel and RSI face unique challenges when it comes to using a computer. Dragon changes all that by providing a way to complete daily computer tasks without pain or frustration.

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Dragon for Learning Disabilities

Take the struggle out of writing

For students or adults who struggle with writing due to a learning disability, like Dyslexia, spelling and typing can be frustrating and difficult. Because Dragon lets you express yourself simply by talking, typing and spelling concerns no longer get in the way and slow you down.

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Dragon in action
more accurate.

Dragon just gets you, and you get your words on the screen the way you intended.

than ever.

Correction and editing is easy, giving you more control over your experience.

format rules.

Dragon automatically learns your preferences when you make a change.

bluetooth support.

Cut those wires, Dragon provides higher wireless accuracy than ever.

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Dragon will never leave you speechless.

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