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PDF is the standard format for securely sharing business documents. As a result the ability to create and edit PDF documents is a standard requirement. However, the high cost and complexity of Adobe Acrobat puts professional quality PDF software out of the reach of individuals. Individuals that need to do more than view PDF documents often feel forced into trading quality for an affordable solution from an unproven vendor. Fortunately, Nuance has a solution that has been chosen and tested by over 3 million people. With all of the popular features that business professionals want its no wonder Nuance PDF software has become the #1 replacement to Adobe Acrobat.

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Sharing PDF documents can create barriers to productivity, especially if you need to edit or modify the information frozen in a PDF document. The process of manually reproducing PDF documents within Microsoft Word is costly. Coopers & Lybrand found that the cost to reproduce a single document averaged $250. Nuance delivers PDF solutions that virtually eliminate the costs of reusing information locked in a PDF document.

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While there are many solutions that create PDFs, and a few that turn PDFs back into formatted Office documents, only a few provide complete support for PDF creation, bi-directional conversion, and comprehensive PDF editing capabilities. Nuance’s PDF solutions delivers superior PDF creation and conversion, but stand alone as an affordable Acrobat alternative.

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Nuance PDF software means business

While more than 60% of business professionals surveyed by Nuance have a strong need for PDF, fewer than 10% of desktops are empowered with the ability to create and edit PDF. The reason is simple – the cost of Adobe Acrobat can only be rationalized for a few design and print professionals, but not for the office worker. With attractive site license programs and all of the popular features that business professionals want it's clear to see that Nuance PDF software means business.

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