Clintegrity Abstracting

Enhance abstracting productivity

A single, enterprise-wide solution

Create abstracting processes that work they way you do


  • A comprehensive list of data elements and the option to create new data elements to match current and future data collection and reporting needs
  • Unique data tabs based on facility and patient type
  • Ability to enable logic-driven data collection

  • Enhanced HIPAA compliance tools with audit trails that track all data collection changes and events
  • User-defined field/page navigation

Point-of-entry program

The solution: Clintegrity CDI Point of Entry program

Because documentation of critical information starts in the emergency department, the Point of Entry program starts there too—evaluating the severity of illnesses, assessing present-on-admission (POA) conditions, determining patient status (observation or in-patient), ensuring compliance with quality core measures, creating a problem list at the point of entry, and enabling more accurate documentation. The Point of Entry program builds on the foundation of Clintegrity CDI and takes it even further, providing comprehensive clinical integration management.

New role: Clinical Integration Specialist

With this new solution comes a new clinical role—the Clinical Integration Specialist (CIS). This individual works closely with your clinical team to ensure all clinical observations are documented appropriately from the ED to discharge.

Your CIS is trained to:

  • Perform hands-on patient assessments
  • Identify and secure documentation of POA conditions
  • Assist with quality indicators such as core measures and patient safety indicators
  • Establish a problem list at the point of entry

  • Facilitate accurate, compliant clinical documentation by providing concurrent support to physicians
  • Review medical records for completeness and accuracy
  • Maintain liaison with ED and in-patient case manager and CDS
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