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After 18 years of top-notch education in the medical transcription industry, MTEC is closing its doors. Our official last day of business is May 5, 2014. We continue to be committed to serving our graduates and helping to connect them to the wonderful employers who have supported us over the years.

What is an MT/MLS?

If you are a prospective student seeking information about Medical Transcription as a career or a current transcriptionist seeking continuing education opportunities, we encourage you to visit the AHDI website at for information about this career opportunity and for a list of approved schools that provide this training.


If you need to contact MTEC regarding a copy of your MTEC transcript, please send an email to This email address can also be listed on your resume if verification of your graduation is required.

Continuing Education

Unfortunately, as part of the shutdown process, MTEC accounts including the MTEC Store are being closed, so we will no longer be able to offer Continuing Education modules or crossword puzzles as of March 30th. We encourage you to visit the AHDI website at for continuing education opportunities.