OmniPage Professional 17

Document input features

OmniPage Professional 17 is not only a paper-to-digital conversion application; it also allows you unlock the information that is trapped in static image and PDF files. Using OmniPage you can convert almost all image formats into editable files for your existing PC applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Better still, OmniPage can be used to convert a document from one format to another (TIF to PDF for example,) and to make static image documents searchable on your PC and within content management applications.

  • Form recognition and export: OmniPage now uses Logical Form Recognition™ technology to process forms. Bring both paper and electronic forms (distributed mainly as PDF files in an office environment) into OmniPage, recognize them and edit their content, layout or both - in True Page view and produce a fillable form that can be saved in the following formats: PDF, RTF, HTML or XSN (Microsoft Office InfoPath format).
  • Digital-to-digital document conversion: A major new feature of OmniPage is that it can open not only image files, but also documents created in word-processing and similar applications. Supported file types include: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .wpd and others.
  • Text, tables and graphics: Most people think of OCR as simply a way to extract text and spreadsheet data from existing documents. Because OmniPage has advanced page segmentation capabilities, it is also a powerful way to re-use pictures, clip-art, graphics and charts within documents. Simply zone-over the area you want to extract, and OmniPage will let you save the content of that area in a wide range of image formats.
  • Image format conversion: Images of scanned documents contain a "picture" of the document, which can be viewed but not edited or searched. OmniPage converts static images into documents that can be edited and searched. Support for converting all popular image formats includes: TIF, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF, PDF, MAX and more.

Download the PDF version of the OmniPage product family feature comparison.

Professional 15
Professional 16
OmniPage Professional 17
Document-2-document conversion (text input)
Digital camera captured documents (.jpg)

Improved accuracy

Ability to convert paper and image forms
PDF or printed forms with data
PDF conversion with overlay matching
Improved accuracy
Improved accuracy
Paper / image file conversion including JPEG, TIFF
XPS conversion

Improved accuracy

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