PaperPort Product Edition Comparison

Compare the productivity features between PaperPort 12 and PaperPort Professional 12 to decide which product offers the best document imaging and scanning solutions. Use our feature checklist to see what document content management services are offered and which paper management software best suits you.

Productivity features

PaperPort 12
PaperPort Professional 12
Suggested price
DesktopDelivery from email
DesktopDelivery from a folder
SharePoint® connector
SendTo OmniPage® workflow
Split desktop with dual workspaces
Bookmark workspaces  
Automatically create folders from a text list
Scheduled All-in-One indexing (Index Manager)
Add to All-in-One Index™ while scanning
All-in-One Search™
All-in-One Index
Folder notes
Tabbed ribbon interface and quick action toolbar
Page thumbnails on the desktop
Simple search — document name and metadata
Drag and drop to email, print, etc.
40% improvement in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy
How-to guides
Multi-language OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) layout retention
99%+ OmniPage level OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy
Digital camera 3D correction for OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
29 folder colors
Document thumbnails for over 150 file formats
Add keywords and page names to documents on the desktop

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