Welcome to this OmniPage® 16 text recognition program, and thank you for choosing our software! The following documentation has been provided to help you get started and give you an overview of the program.

This User's Guide

This guide introduces you to using OmniPage 16. It includes installation and setup instructions, a description of the program’s commands and working areas, task-oriented instructions, ways to customize and control processing, and technical information. Descriptions are based on the Windows VistaTM operating system.

This guide is written with the assumption that you know how to work in the Microsoft Windows environment. Please refer to your Windows documentation if you have questions about how to use dialog boxes, menu commands, scroll bars, drag and drop functionality, shortcut menus, and so on.

We also assume you are familiar with your scanner and its supporting software, and that the scanner is installed and working correctly before it is setup with OmniPage 16. Please refer to the scanner’s own documentation as necessary.


The How-to-Guides display on first program launch. They are a series of mini-guides that help you get started easily by providing concise overviews of key program areas, such as getting input, image improvement, zoning, recognition, editing, proofreading, new features, and the like.

Online Help

OmniPage online Help contains information on features, settings, and procedures. It also has a comprehensive glossary, with its own alphabetical index and a table of contents. The online Help is provided as HTML help, and has been designed for quick and easy information retrieval. Online Help is available after you install OmniPage.

Comprehensive context-sensitive help aims to provide just enough assistance to let you keep working without delay. It is available from dialog boxes. Press F1 in any dialog box to access it, or click the help button if the dialog box has one.

Readme File

The Readme file contains last-minute information about the software. Please read it before using OmniPage. To open this HTML file, choose Readme in the OmniPage Installer or afterwards in the Help menu.

Scanning and other information

The Nuance® web site at www.nuance.com provides timely information on the program. The Scanner Guide contains up-dated information about supported scanners and related issues; Nuance tests the 25 most widely used scanner models. Access Nuance’s web site from the OmniPage 16 Installer or afterwards from the Help menu.

Tech Notes

The web site at www.nuance.com contains Tech Notes on commonly reported issues using OmniPage 16. Web pages may also offer assistance on the installation process and troubleshooting.