New features in OmniPage 16

Here are some main areas of innovation compared to OmniPage 15. If you are upgrading, you may not need to consult this guide very much.

  • Three screen views: Choose from Classic (as in OmniPage 15), Flexible and Quick Convert View (all main controls on a single panel). See Chapter 2.
  • Multiple documents: In Classic or Flexible view you can have two or more documents open at one time, for easy cross-document editing.
  • Digital camera processing: perform OCR on digital camera images with special algorithms. See Chapter 3.
  • 2007 programs: OmniPage 16 supports the latest Word and Excel inside Office 2007 (DOCX and XLSX), and also provides links for SharePoint 2007 and Outlook 2007.
  • PDF Enhancements: these include support for PDF version 1.6, faster processing speed, higher accuracy, improved output quality, and the MRC high compression technology for certain PDF flavors.
  • Legal documents: OmniPage 16 offers high-quality handling and recognition of legal documents.
  • Customizable shortcut menus in Windows Explorer: send image files or PDFs directly to major Windows programs, process them with your own workflows, or use the Convert Now Wizard for easy conversion control.
  • General improvements: these include faster processing, better quality output page layout (font matching, table detection, etc.); and a new, intuitive Workflow Assistant.

New features unique to OmniPage Professional 16

  • Extracting data from filled forms: A new workflow step allows data to be extracted from sets of forms and exported to databases, based on a PDF form template. The forms can be active PDF forms, static forms in a range of image formats or scanned paper forms.
  • Marking and redacting: Text can be highlighted, struckout or redacted (made unreadable) in the Text Editor. Redacting is useful for legal documents or for those with confidential content.
  • File-it Assistant: A more efficient aid for creating and using barcode cover page workflows. These allow for automatic processing and storage of documents driven by the push of just one scanner button.

A more complete list of features, and the differences between various OmniPage versions (Professional - Standard) appears in online Help.

OmniPage Professional IconThis icon is used throughout the guide to denote features that are available only in OmniPage Professional 16.

OmniPage 16 is supplied in Enterprise versions for network use. It is also supplied in Special Editions for selected scanner manufacturers and other resellers. The feature set in these editions may vary, in line with each vendor's requirements.