Installing OmniPage

OmniPage 16’s installation program takes you through installation with instructions on every screen.

Before installing OmniPage:

  • Close all other applications, especially anti-virus programs.
  • Log into your computer with administrator privileges if you are installing on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
  • If you own a previous version of OmniPage, or if you are upgrading from demonstration software or an OmniPage Special Edition, the installer asks your consent to uninstall that product.

To install OmniPage:

  1. Insert the OmniPage CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. The installation program should start automatically. If it does not start, locate your CD-ROM drive in Windows Explorer and double-click the Autorun.exe program at the top-level of the CD-ROM.
  2. Choose a language to use during installation. Accept the End-User License Agreement and enter the serial number shown on the CD envelope.
  3. Choose a complete or a custom installation. A complete installation installs all RealSpeakTM Text-to-Speech language modules (currently 9). Custom installation lets you exclude or add modules. To exclude a module, click its down arrow and select "This feature will not be available".
  4. Follow the instructions on each screen to install the software. All files needed for scanning are copied automatically during installation.