Uninstalling the software

Sometimes uninstalling and then reinstalling OmniPage will solve a problem. The OmniPage Uninstall program will not remove files containing recognition results or any of the following user-created files:

  • Zone templates (*.zon)
  • Image enhancement templates (*.ipp)
  • Training files (*.otn)
  • User dictionaries (*.ud)
  • OmniPage Documents (*.opd)
  • Job files (*.opj)
  • Workflow files (*.xwf)

To uninstall from Windows 2000, XP or Vista you must be logged into your computer with administrator privileges. To uninstall or reinstall OmniPage:

  1. Close OmniPage.
  2. Click Start in the Windows taskbar and choose the Control Panel and then Uninstall a program (in earlier Windows versions: Add/Remove Programs).
  3. Select OmniPage and click Uninstall (in earlier Windows versions: Remove).
  4. Click Yes in the dialog box that appears to confirm removal.
  5. Select Yes to restart your computer immediately, or No if you plan to restart later.
  6. Follow instructions until the process is finished.

When you uninstall OmniPage, the link to your scanner is also uninstalled. You must setup your scanner again with OmniPage if you reinstall the program. All RealSpeak modules that were installed with the program will also be uninstalled. ScanSoft PDF Create! 4 needs to be uninstalled separately.

With OmniPage 16 Professional, PaperPort must be installed and uninstalled separately.