Basic Processing Steps

There are three ways of handling documents: with automatic, manual or workflow processing. The basic steps for all processing methods are broadly the same:

  1. Import Images IconBring a set of images into OmniPage. You can scan a paper document with or without an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or load one or more image files.
  2. Perform OCR IconPerform OCR to generate editable text. After OCR, you can check and correct errors in the document using the OCR Proofreader and edit the document in the Text Editor.
  3. Export Document IconExport the document to the desired location. You can save your document to a specified file name and type, place it on the Clipboard, send it as a mail attachment or publish it. You can save the same document repeatedly to different destinations, different file types, with different settings and levels of formatting.

Using OmniPage, you can choose from the following processing methods: Automatic, Manual, Combined, or Workflow. You can start recognition from other applications, using Direct OCR and can also schedule processing to run at a later time.

Processing methods are detailed in the next chapter and in Online Help.


Options IconThe Options dialog box is the central location for OmniPage settings. Access it from the Standard toolbar or the Tools menu. Context-sensitive help provides information on each setting.